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Mr. Teuchi™ Limited Edition Hand Crafted Serbian Knife

BOUT Mr. Teuchi™ Limited Edition Hand Crafted Serbian Knife

Mr. Teuchi™ Limited Edition Hand Crafted Serbian Knife is back after its high demand cleared it from our shelves.

This acclaimed knife is hand forged from high-carbon steel by blacksmiths using ancient techniques.

With its structure, this unique knife is versatile enough to be used for vegetables, meat, wood, fish, etc. It has the perfect weight, feel, balance, finish and sharpness to suit many uses.



This unique and rare knife is forged and shaped by hand before being heat treated using the traditional techniques of master blacksmiths. The old hardening technology passed on from generation to generation gives the knife an HRC of 59. In addition, the physical density and rigidity of this knife are greatly improved by repeated hammering by experienced blacksmiths.

Perfect Shape

Manufactured for over 20 years, this model and is the result of endless trial and error. It could not have been more perfect!


Can be used to cut anything: from vegetables to meat, nothing can resist it! Due to its width, the blade can also be used as a spatula.

Carbon Steel Blade

Forged with high-carbon steel and sharpened by experienced craftsmen with decades of experience using natural stones, this knife is much sharper than a traditional stainless steel knife and is easier to sharpen.

Buy it once and use it for the rest of your life!

Sturdy & Durable

Each knife is handcrafted to withstand the most difficult situations, anytime, anywhere. Due to the hardening methodology used by blacksmiths and the unique forming technology with different heating methods, the balance between rigidity and toughness of this knife is guaranteed to make it more resistant and durable. You will never have to use another knife again!

Non-Slip Comfort Grip

Although sleek in its appearance, the grip provides solid control for chopping.

Curved Blade 

The curved blade provides protection for the gripping hand from accidents in the kitchen.