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Chop Shop Premium Sharpening Whetstone

Give your knives a longer life with the Chop Shop Premium Whetstone!

Investing in a high-quality knife might be a mistake if you're not going to ensure proper maintenance and regular sharpening. This whetstone will bring all of your dull and damaged blades back to life within just one sharpening session. 

As with any Chop Shop product, this premium whetstone was crafted with materials of the highest quality that guarantee many years of use. It utilizes a combination of #1000 coarse grit stone to sharpen even the dullest blades, and a #6000 all-purpose grit to return and maintain a polished and extremely sharp edge. 

Our whetstone can reprofile edges and repair any dull blade out there, be it a german chef’s knife, a Japanese santoku, or any western knife. You can even sharpen scissors and other bladed tools with this multipurpose whetstone. It’s also a perfect gift idea for people who take good care of their kitchen knives, and those who are in desperate need of sharpening their knives. 

This whetstone is made from highly durable silicon carbide and white fused alumina which are known as the best in the craftsmanship of sharpening stones. It comes with a wooden stand that ensures a very safe and secure sharpening process making it even easier to use the whetstone. 

The Chop Shop Premium Whetstone gives you the opportunity to slice, dice, and mince as you mean it. 

How to use the whetstone:

  1. Submerge the whetstone in the water for 5 minutes
  2. Place the whetstone on a flat and stable platform, hold the knife at an angle of 10-20°, and grind the knife-edge on the stone’s surface in a back and forth motion.
  3. Make sure the stone is always wet during the sharpening process, drip some water on the stone when needed. Do not move mud that sharpens the knife.
  4. Rinse whetstone with water after sharpening, and then dry it.

Blade angles: 

  • 17 degree: blade angle for Razor, sushi knife, chef’s knife or kitchen knife; super sharp, but least durable;
  • 20 degree: blade angle for a pocket knife; quite a sharp blade;
  • 25 degree: blade angle for a filed knife; sharp and durable;
  • 30 degree: blade angle for bayonet or filed knife; durable and easily grinding;

Heavy use: 

  • 40 degree: blade angle for survival knife (20° each side)
  • 40 to 50 degree: knife for cutting general wood (20° to 25° each side)
  • 50 to 60 degree: knife for cutting hardwood or bone (25° to 30° each side)
  • 60 degree or more: knife for cutting iron (30° or more each side)

Package Includes:

1000/6000 Grit Whetstone

Anti-slip Mat

Bamboo Base

Fixed Angle Device