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Blue Sora Hand Forged Damascus Chef's Knife

We are proud to announce our most beautiful piece of hand forged work to date, the Blue Sora!

Our blacksmiths fold and forge 33 layers of Damascus steel on each side of the blade. This creates the gorgeous pattern you see on the Blue Sora, and ensures a long-lasting blade and sharpness.

The Blue Sora handle is infused with sapphire blue resin, and just adds to the beauty of this one of a kind knife! 

Introducing The Blue Sora Our Exclusive Hand-Forged Damascus Chef's Knife.

Unique Handle Design Each handle goes under a special manufacturing process called "Stabilization" and during which, the wood is combined with blue epoxy resin. The stabilization process solidifies the handle and provides more durability than traditional wood. Because high quality stabilized wood absorbs very little water, it is less prone to warping and cracking.
Multi-Functional Knife - This is a versatile, professional kitchen Damascus knife that can be used to chop, slice and dice vegetables, fruits and meat!
Truly Unique - Since our knives are each individually hand forged, each knife will have different patterns and be 100% unique to its owner.
Sharpness: The razor sharp Damascus steel blade is so sharp it can easily cut through anything you throw at it. The Blue Sora™ is sharp out of the box and stays that way!
Elegant & Decorative: You’ll feel proud to have this knife in your kitchen. The gorgeous feather pattern of the Damascus steel paired with the eye popping sapphire colored handle stands out, attracts attention and makes a beautiful addition to a new or established knife collection.
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